Saturday, January 19, 2008

World of Warcraft Talent Points

One of the most enjoyable aspects of any MMORPG like World of Warcraft is the ability to personalize your character. Personalizing your character by choosing which talents to level and which ones to ignore is what helps to make characters that belong to the same class unique from one another. Beginning with level ten, your character will begin to receive one talent point for each new level that is gained. As you earn them you will assign your talent points to your character’s corresponding skill tree. There are three different skill trees available to each character class and they are all unique to their particular class. Each individual skill tree in World of Warcraft is comprised of the various unique skills and abilities that are available to its own particular character class. What follows is a brief explanation as to how the Talent Point/Skill Tree system in World of Warcraft operates. Acquiring a particular ability or skill for the corresponding talent is not as simple as gaining and assigning one point to its corresponding skill tree. This is due the fact that there are prerequisite for all of those higher than tier one. Simply stated, what this means is that, in order to activate and take advantage of a certain Talent that is located within the second tier of the Skill Tree, you may be required to assign five of your talent points in the top tier prerequisite before it is activated. This tiered system requires players to use a certain degree of strategy when choosing where they allocate their talent points as they are earned. When a talent is placed, it can not be removed without the player making a trip to their class trainer and paying a fee to unlearn all of their talents. In order to learn the ultimate talent you are required to have thirty Talent Points already placed in that particular Skill Tree. What this means is that for you to be able to learn the ultimate talent you will have to allocate at least 31 points into that particular tree. Because of this limiting factor, you are only capable of learning one of the three ultimate talents. Because each of the available World of Warcraft character classes has three different talent trees that are completely unique for each class, you have a couple of options available to you. You can allocate all of your points to one tree and master one particular aspect of your character class or you can opt to diversify your characters abilities by spreading your Talent Points out into each of the three Skill Trees. Keep in mind that choosing the latter option will make it impossible to master one particular Talent aspect. Therein lies the beauty of being able to sculpt your World of Warcraft character into your own unique design. Miles Tyler is an avid gamer and World of Warcraft enthusiast. He enjoys WoW and also loves helping others to ehance their WoW gaming experience. Visit this site to find out about more World of Warcraft strategies and resources.

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