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History of Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange has an interesting history. It is part of the server products offered by Microsoft Servers and many companies use it. The most popular features include e-mail, contacts, calendar, tasks, and support. Data storage is also offered. The history of Microsoft Exchange is quite interesting and began in 1993 when the XENIX system was changed to the Exchange Server. Not quite two years later approximately 500 companies were using the Exchange Server Beta 1. A year later the amount of users had grown exponentially to 32,000. In 1996, the public was first able to buy the original Exchange Server 4.0. It was offered as a Microsoft Mail 3.5 upgrade. However, it was very different and offered many services. The Exchange Server offer a mail system with a database store offering X 500 directory serves. The directory that was used became the Active Directory Service, which Windows 2000 integrated as its foundation for Windows Server domains. The next edition was released in 1997. This was called Exchange Server 5.0 and it allowed access to networks based on SMTP for the first time ever. This new mail standard allowed for the 5.0 edition to communicate with servers via Internet Mail Connector. A new interface for web based email as included in this version as well and it was called Exchange Web Access that was called Outlook Web Access in a subsequent Service pack. To go along with this version a new 8.01 version of Outlook was released as well as 7.5 of Microsoft Schedule and 5.0 for Microsoft Exchange Client. Not long after a 5.5 version of Exchange Server was released. It had two editions, Standard and Enterprise. The size of the database, clustering, and more were just a bit different. There were many different features that went along with the 5.5 version including Outlook Web Access in a new version, recovery of deleted items, and support of IMAP4 and LDAP v3 clients. This was the last version to have separate NNTP, SMTP and directory services. Next came the Exchange Server 2000. It was released towards the end of 2000 and it was better than the previous versions. Four cluster servers were offered instead of two and the databases were larger. Instant messaging was also supported by the Exchange Server 2000, but that was later changed. The Exchange Server 2003 improved some of the limitations of the 2000 version and quite a few Exchange Server 5.5 users waited for the 2003 version to upgrade. Windows 2000 was also required. Others used Windows NT 4.0 and Exchange Server 5.5, but Microsoft no longer supports these. As a result anyone interested in learning should go through Microsoft Exchange Training. The newest edition is Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2007 training is necessary. Exchange 2007 training classes will help any professional become adept at this new edition. Caitlina Fuller is a freelance writer. As a result anyone interested in learning should go through Microsoft Exchange Training The newest edition is Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2007 training is necessary. Exchange 2007 training will help any professional become adept at this new edition.

Playing Backgammon Online - For Fun or Profit

The Internet has many websites to help you pass the time away and ease boredom. Some of these online distractions come in the form of Internet games that you can pay to play or as a free form of entertainment. Some of the available outlets allow you to play chess, checkers, solitaire, as well as playing backgammon online. When you are interested in playing backgammon online, you can choose to either play against a human competitor or if you don’t feel like dealing with a real person, the computer is also equipped to play backgammon online. There are plenty of websites to go to when you are in the mood for a game of backgammon, where you can even choose the option to play for cash prizes or achieve rankings for the best game players. Gammon is a website that promises a good game of online backgammon. The site claims that there will be no Java or browser issues when using this website. The connections to play backgammon at this site are fast and stable, featuring entertaining and impressive graphics. When there is an issue regarding play, 24-hour customer support is available live and online. When downloading the software, you should know that it accommodates a variety of different languages, including Portuguese, Danish, and Japanese. When you are looking to play backgammon online against a wide-range of playing levels, the realistic 3D website offers a large network of players. These players hail from all across the world, and games are for fun, as well as for monetary prizes. The software takes less than 5 minutes to download, and then you can engage in exciting single, session, and multiplayer tournament games. At the end of every game, each player receives a ranking - and those interested should keep in mind that all of the games are timed. It is also free to enjoy this backgammon experience, even featuring the option of joining a league. If you are looking for a Java applet that allows you to play backgammon online, you should look into Motif, - played using Netscape, or Internet Explorer web browsers. With Motif, you are strictly playing against the computer. Another website that requires the use of a Java-enabled browser is Yahoo Games, which allows visitors to play online backgammon against computer opponents, as well as against a variety of gaming members. It is free to play using Yahoo, but more advanced options, such as joining a league requires a subscription to premium services. The list of Internet sites to choose from when you wish to play backgammon online is endless. A few others to consider include: Vinco Online Game (VOG); Games Grid; GameSite 2000, as well as HC-Gammon, which allows you to play against a computer opponent. When seeking out At the Crosswords, you will encounter a Shockwave variety of backgammon that allows visitors to play against the computer. For more information on online gaming please visit our web site:

Download Free PSP Video - Simple How To

If you re looking for the fastest and easiest way to download free PSP video then read on, because, hopefully, this article is going to solve your problem by providing a simple yet effective solution. It is easy to download free PSP video but you need to know how to set your PSP up for this first. So follow these instructions and you will be able to download PSP videos. It is very important that you have lot s of space on your PSP, so you need a big memory card, 512MB, 1024MB preferably. In order to download free PSP video you need to switch your PSP off, then connect the USB cable with your PC, after switch your PSP on. On the PSP access - Settings > USB connection. Press X button to boot PSP on your computer, it will appear as an untitled volume on your desktop. Inside the card you should see a folder named PSP , which consists of 4 sub folders: Music , Games , SavedData and Photo . You need to add a new folder and name it MP_ROOT and it must be in the same level as the PSP folder. Under the MP_ROOT folder a sub folder must be added and named as 100MNV01 - this is where you can download free PSP video and watch it. Now, the question is where do I download free PSP video which is proper for the PSP and can be played on it? Well, the answer is very simple you can do it in two ways. One, you can convert your own DVD movies into PSP format and transfer them but you will need a PSP video converter. Two, you can join a PSP download service and download free PSP video in seconds, plus they usually offer a free video converter for new members, so it s always a better choice than purchasing a video converter only. It is very safe and fast to download free PSP video with PSP download services and it is completely legal, but not all of them are legit and reliable, so before you join anything you should a read a review. I hope this article showed you how to download free PSP video and you won t have any problems with that. Walter Seth is a PSP expert and he loves to download movies, games and other stuff on his PSP. Download free PSP video with PSPBlender! Click here to read a review .

Satellite Television Receiver: TV Just Got Better!

Get a satellite television receiver and watch hundreds of channels from across the world every day. Satellite TV solves the problems of range and distortion, which haunted the broadcast TV. Satellite television receiver transmits and receives radio signals from satellites orbiting the earth using antenna called satellite dishes. You can have all of this for a very reasonable price. This is called Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) Television. How Does Satellite TV Work? There are two major satellite TV providers in the US that operate their own satellites, which are DirecTV and Dish Network. These satellites are positioned thousands of miles above the earth. They are in geosynchronous orbit, which means they rotate with the earth. So, they are always in the same position as related to earth, hence you will not need to constantly readjust the position of your dish. The DBS providers operate satellite uplink stations. These stations receive programming from various affiliated networks such as ESPN, CNN or HBO. Due to the large size of video programming uplink, the data is then compressed, before being transmitted to a satellite. The satellite then relays it back to earth, received by the satellite dish mounted on your terrace or in your backyard. This is then sent to your satellite television receiver, which decodes the signals, so that you receive it as videos, images and sound. You Are Spoilt For Choice Your choices become abundant with satellite TV. You have the option of viewing up to 300 channels. What’s more, you can even choose your service provider and the package of channels you like best. This means, you even get to pick the price you pay for the best deal satellite TV. There are two main DBS providers that you can choose from DirecTV satellite TV and Dish Network satellite TV. Of course, it is a rather difficult decision to make, because both the providers offer great packages. You need to see which offer gives you better options and then get the best satellite television receiver. Of course, the main factors to be considered while selecting a package are: 1. The programming channels 2. The cost DirecTV vs. Dish Network DirecTV launched the first communications satellite way back in 1994. This revolutionized TV viewing for millions in America. It offers you a huge range of packages. The chief reason for choosing DirecTV is often because they offer a wider variety of sports channels. Dish Network offers similar price packages, including similar channels. However, the movie channels are not inclusive. You will have to buy a separate package for that. Yet, the prices remain at par with DirecTV. Often it is a good idea to look at what you prefer most, whether it is entertainment, language program, or sport, when making comparing DirecTV and Dish Network. Which DBS provider you choose ultimately is up to you because only you will have no doubt which channels you would like and which provider is giving you the best package of satellite TV. Deciding which satellite TV provider to subscribe to? Follow our guidelines to learn Dish Network programming guide and DirecTV channel information . We also recommend authorized Satellite TV dealers from which you can get best deals on satellite TV receivers.

Delete Computer History

Deleting your computer history is an important step to protecting your privacy online. Whether its internet history or past documents accessed, it’s often vital that they are cleared regularly. Unfortunately, simply going to Internet Explorer options and deleting the internet history is not enoughâ€"that history still resides on your computer, hidden. Many people aren’t actually aware of that fact and believe that if they do the basics in Windows, they will be covered and their privacy protectedâ€"wrong! To make things even more annoying for us, when we delete files on our computers, others can use file recovery software to recover anything that we’ve deleted. Once again, most people aren’t aware that this is even possible, but unfortunately, it is. For example, if a company wants to delete vital information for good (wipe it out of existence)â€"they don’t simple put it in the ‘Recycle Bin’ on their computer’s desktops. It can be far more complex than that as anything deleted through the recycle bin can in fact be recovered with widely accessible software! I’m not saying that what you get up to with your computer is immoral, illegal or wrong in any way. But most of the time, we simply don’t want everyone to know what information we access using our computers. In reality, we may wish to delete computer history for a host of reasons. For instance, something as innocent as not wanting anyone to know we really like to listen to the Spice Girlsâ€"or something a bit more serious, like protecting vital information for your company! Julian works in ITâ€" click here to find out more about how to delete your computer history properly and in turn protect your privacy

How to Watch Satellite TV Through a Broadband Connection

People are interested to know how to watch satellite TV through a broadband connection. It is not hard to understand that. For the past decade, people have been paying the satellite TV services monthly fees to access the TV programs using their network and satellite dish systems. Even though the sizes of satellite dishes have shrunk over the years, installation still cannot be done away with. Homes continue to look like little satellite TV stations. TV bills continue to pile up as people tune in to more pay-per-view programs. There has to be a one-stop solution to this, that is, to watch satellite TV through a broadband connection. How do you watch satellite TV through a broadband connection then? There are two ways to do it without using any satellite dish. You can either use a PCTV card or PC satellite TV software. If you compare the two, PCTV card is the older way of wiring your computer to TV so that you can watch satellite TV through a broadband connection. Essentially, the PCTV card is hardware equipment like your modem. It comes in two different forms â€" it can be an external device that is plug-and-play or an internal device that requires installation onto your computer. For obvious reasons, people prefer to buy the external version due to the ease of use. Plug it into your USB port and that’s about it. You can start to watch satellite TV through a broadband connection. But external cards are pricier than internal cards. A decent quality PCTV card can range from $200 to $400 onwards depending on the features. With the card, you get to enjoy a few hundred TV channels for free. The kind of channels would include lifestyle channels such as shopping, sports news and LIVE games, TV shows like Prison Break, movies, kids’ programs and others. All in all, it is a nice tool to use to watch satellite TV through a broadband connection from home. Ok, enough said. We will now look at the new toy in satellite TV technology, PC satellite TV software. This nifty software is used to enable you to watch satellite TV through a broadband connection without any hardware at all. To put it simply, by downloading the software and installing it onto your PC, your PC is transformed instantly into a satellite TV. Once the software is installed, you get more than 2000 to 3000 channels delivered to your computer. And these TV channels are broadcast from international TV stations which mean to say that you can watch practically any program in the world. The kind of programs is similar to using a PCTV card except that the selection is much wider with international coverage. And it is also way more affordable then a PCTV card as it is priced at a small fraction of the price. One big advantage is its mobility. With a PCTV card, you are limited to watch satellite TV through a broadband connection only at home. However, using PC satellite TV software, you can practically watch any program as you wish as long as you can find an internet connection for your computer. How powerful can that be? Discover more about this breakthrough technology and learn how you too can own it and start watching satellite TV through a broadband connection for free when you sign up for my free satellite TV guide. Davion is a great fan of TV shows. Sign up for his Free Satellite TV Guide for instant quick tips on how to watch satellite TV on PC, tuning into hundreds of LIVE channels of sports, news, movies and kids program without monthly subscriptions. Also read his popular PC satellite TV Review .

TiVo - What s It All About?

TiVo - What s It All About? The latest craze among TV fanatics is the digital video recorder (DVR). The DVR allows viewers to record and save hours of the hottest shows and movies, all in digital format, without the hassle of videotape. Like magic, the DVR lets viewers pause live TV and do instant replay and slow motion of the best scenes. Best of all, the digital video recorder gives a TV watcher the one thing he’s always longed for: the power to eliminate annoying commercials from his favorite programs. TiVo represents the latest in DVR technology, offering a wide range of capabilities to TV watchers. All content recorded by TiVo is digital quality. None of the crisp vividness that characterizes digital viewing is lost due to the recording process. TiVo itself is made up of a hard drive and special software for recording digital TV. The software is intuitive: with a little programming, it will automatically record movies and shows it thinks the viewer will find appealing. Recording and storage capabilities depend on the TiVo’s hard drive and differ from model to model, ranging from 30 hours to 300 hours. Recorded content can be transferred from the TiVo box to a desktop computer, a laptop or handheld video device. TiVo offers a wide range of special features to enhance the digital TV experience. TiVo lets viewers watch a pre-recorded program while another program is being taped. Live television can be paused for up to 30 minutes, at which point the show will continue regular broadcast. A setting called Season Passes prompts TiVo to record every episode of a program whenever it comes on TV. If an episode of the show is repeated, TiVo can be instructed to skip it. Using TiVo’s Wish List option, viewers can record movies featuring their favorite directors and actors. Wish List will also do searches for favorite sports teams or athletes and record related programs. Online scheduling with TiVo’s Series 2 box makes the recording of programs easy for the busiest TV fan. Using the Internet, Series 2 box owners can program TiVo to record shows in advance. So if you’re stuck at the office and can’t get home to catch the latest episode of 24, use the Internet to connect to your TiVo, and it will record the show for you. Keep in mind that TiVo doesn’t function with C-band satellites, although TiVo boxes can be used with antenna, cable, digital cable and satellite TV receivers. DSL users shouldn’t have a problem using Tivo, although a DSL filter may be needed. Broadband connection also supports Tivo. Another point to remember: TiVo needs a landline phone connection in order to function to its fullest capacity. J. Hall writes articles for consumers who want to find the best Dish Network offers currently available. She has written for many major publications about the latest Dish Network deals and promotions and how buyers can find the best discounts.

World of Warcraft Talent Points

One of the most enjoyable aspects of any MMORPG like World of Warcraft is the ability to personalize your character. Personalizing your character by choosing which talents to level and which ones to ignore is what helps to make characters that belong to the same class unique from one another. Beginning with level ten, your character will begin to receive one talent point for each new level that is gained. As you earn them you will assign your talent points to your character’s corresponding skill tree. There are three different skill trees available to each character class and they are all unique to their particular class. Each individual skill tree in World of Warcraft is comprised of the various unique skills and abilities that are available to its own particular character class. What follows is a brief explanation as to how the Talent Point/Skill Tree system in World of Warcraft operates. Acquiring a particular ability or skill for the corresponding talent is not as simple as gaining and assigning one point to its corresponding skill tree. This is due the fact that there are prerequisite for all of those higher than tier one. Simply stated, what this means is that, in order to activate and take advantage of a certain Talent that is located within the second tier of the Skill Tree, you may be required to assign five of your talent points in the top tier prerequisite before it is activated. This tiered system requires players to use a certain degree of strategy when choosing where they allocate their talent points as they are earned. When a talent is placed, it can not be removed without the player making a trip to their class trainer and paying a fee to unlearn all of their talents. In order to learn the ultimate talent you are required to have thirty Talent Points already placed in that particular Skill Tree. What this means is that for you to be able to learn the ultimate talent you will have to allocate at least 31 points into that particular tree. Because of this limiting factor, you are only capable of learning one of the three ultimate talents. Because each of the available World of Warcraft character classes has three different talent trees that are completely unique for each class, you have a couple of options available to you. You can allocate all of your points to one tree and master one particular aspect of your character class or you can opt to diversify your characters abilities by spreading your Talent Points out into each of the three Skill Trees. Keep in mind that choosing the latter option will make it impossible to master one particular Talent aspect. Therein lies the beauty of being able to sculpt your World of Warcraft character into your own unique design. Miles Tyler is an avid gamer and World of Warcraft enthusiast. He enjoys WoW and also loves helping others to ehance their WoW gaming experience. Visit this site to find out about more World of Warcraft strategies and resources.

Marble Blast Ultra Heading To Xbox Live Arcade

GarageGames, the leader in independent games, has announced that they will launch Marble Blast Ultra on Xbox 360 Live Arcade. Multiplayer functionality and HD graphics represent an amazing evolution in the Marble Blast franchise, and unveiling Marble Blast Ultra alongside the launch of Xbox 360 is a historic moment for GarageGames and independent game developers, said Mark Frohnmayer, President of GarageGames. We hope Xbox 360 users have as much fun playing Marble Blast Ultra as we have. If you are unfamiliar with the Marble Blast, it takes place in a futuristic arena suspended high in the clouds. Players can compete with each other by maneuvering with marbles through moving platforms and endless hazards. We are thrilled that Marble Blast Ultra is now available on Xbox Live Arcade on Xbox 360 , said Ross Erickson, Games Portfolio Manager for Xbox Live Arcade. This enhanced version of Marble Blast represents a quantum leap forward in graphical fidelity and gameplay fun over the original Marble Blast. GarageGames has done a fantastic job of taking advantage of the unique technologies in Xbox 360, creating a great single-player and multi-player experience for Xbox Live Arcade. Marble Blast Ultra has an extremely high fun-factor and a high level of visual polish that we were able to achieve in a relatively short timeframe using our Torque engine technology, commented Jay Moore, GarageGames and Torque Evangelist. The Torque Shader Engine allowed us to quickly and easily take advantage of the extensive graphical capabilities of the Xbox 360, while our award-winning netcode delivers high quality and fast-paced Live! play, while maintaining rock solid performance. The Torque Shader Engine on the Xbox 360 , enriches the game through the enhances graphical ability â€" marbles have reflection and power-ups glow using the “glow shader.” Currently, the demo is available for “free” on Xbox Live. For more news, check out our Nintendo Revolution site or our PS3 site.

Reading Game Choices

Are you looking for a reading game to help your child who is just learning to read, or who may be struggling with reading? Even children who love to read can also build skills and knowledge with a good reading game. The good news is that there are a wide variety of games on the market today that will help your child with reading skills and knowledge. The only hard part for you is choosing the best reading game for your child. Here are a few tips: Choose a game that matches your child’s age and skill level. If you get a reading game that is too easy, then your child will be bored and will not build any skills. If you get a game that is too hard, your child will be frustrated and will not build any skills. Each reading game should be rated for age level on the package, but if your child is struggling, you should also look at the content of the game to make sure that the skills on the game are appropriate. For instance, if your child is just learning to recognize letters, you should not get a game that works on comprehension. Next, choose a reading game that has more than one skill level or type of activity-a game that will “grow” with your child as they get new knowledge and skills. As your child gets better, it can introduce new rules and obstacles that have to be met and overcome. If there is more than one type of activity, there will be a greater level of interest. A good place to find a reading game is to look on educational sites. If they do not have games on them already, they may have suggestions, ratings and recommendations for games that will build reading skills in your child. A lot of times the games on these sites are even free. The last point that you should consider when choosing any educational game for your child, is that you should make sure that it is fun. If it is not fun, your child will not want to play it and it will not do them any good. Whether it is a computer game or a board or card game it should be challenging but not too hard and it should have surprises and incentives that are appealing to the age of child that is playing. Eriani Doyel writes articles about Home and Family and Parenting. If you would like more information about reading games visit

Coogee - A Free Mobile Community With MSN Messenger Support

Do you want to share video, picture or other files with your friends or want to see what others have shared? Do you need to send files to your MSN buddies from your mobile within a short period? Then this free application can be very useful. Coogee v2.0 is the latest version that was produced by Coogee company. With Coogee, You can browse or upload through a large collection of mobile files shared by Coogee members including image, video, animation, text, music, games, etc. You also can easily send those files to your MSN buddies, phone book friends via multiple channels which is bundled with the application, such as email, Bluetooth, SMS and MMS. It has a neat interface which is easy to browse through. When you have successful installed and run up Coogee in your cellphone, it guides you to send file, check incoming file and to find contact list in short time. The whole sending process only lasts few second. During the progress, you still can make phone call, check message at the same time. It saves your more time and money on instant sharing, but brings much more fun to you and your friends. You can restrict the access of your uploaded files. You can allow public to view and comment or can keep it as private. You can even embed the file in your blog or website too which is quite useful. Also you have unlimited space for your uploads. That is really nice. The main features of new Coogee: 1. Free download and use 2. Send mobile files to MSN friends, SMS and email buddies 3. Real time multimedia conversation: mobile to mobile and mobile to PC 4. Unlimited personal file storage 5. Built-in MSN instant messages 6. GPRS connection must be available - data traffic charged by carriers I like Coogee because it offers extra features such as instant uploading, self-created contents from many users that make my online instant messaging experience most enjoyable. A word to the wise: If you have an unlimited data plan, it would be better to use Coogee on your mobile device. Coogee now supports Symbian 60 cellphone. To know more information and to download the new version, please go to and select your phone and model. You also can visit from your mobile brower on

What Would Jesus Play?

What Would Jesus Play? Video gaming industry has a bad reputation among Christian folks and other family value groups of interest. What are their kids supposed to play? Christian and family friendly game developers have the answer. Zzed (Nevo Soft) Space waste management may not sound like the most exciting carrier in the universe, but Zzed had to take the job to be able to marry his lovely green alien sweetheart. At the time, he did not know that his boss was the most corrupted extraterrestrial west of Sirius. And when he found out, he got sent away to the farthest corners of his galaxy, where he was sure to get crushed by space garbage. Will he die? It s up to you now. Even alien love stories need to have a happy end. WaterBugs (Retro 64) WaterBugs is takes its cue from the addictive classics Jezzball and Qix. But that s where the similarity ends, because Water Bugs has different shapes for each level, 3D rendered graphics, digital sound, new enemies, ocean theme, and tons of power-ups. The free version features a full set of 50 levels to play, and does not require any special hardware. GemShop (Hip Soft LLC) In GemShop, you have to match colorful gems and keep the customers happy. While you sell gems and jewelry to smiling customers, watch out--keep them waiting too long and they ll start to grumble. You ll need to give them a special treat to keep them happy and get the sale -- just like in real life. Special tokens allow you to upgrade your shop with more jewelry and customer treats. Happy customers spend big bucks and keep your gem shop open for business. Free Download Links Zzed WaterBugs GemShop If you want more family friendly games, visit

Frequently Asked Satellite TV Questions

Satellite TV is a great alternative to the high prices of cable television. If you want to get satellite TV you might have a few questions about the service. Read this article and learn the answers to some of the more common questions about Satellite Television. What is included in free satellite TV offers? This will of course vary from company to company but most offers include free equipment and installation. You might need to pay for installation and then later be reimbursed by the provider. You will also generally be required to sign a contract of one to two years. Will you be able to get local channels? Yes you can get local channels with satellite television. You can get the service through your satellite provider for a very small fee or you can hook a separate antenna to the receiver. Will you be able to get different programs on different televisions? Yes, to do this you will need to get a separate receiver for each television. There will be a small extra monthly charge for each receiver you have in your home. Will I be able to get satellite TV in an apartment? Yes, the apartment may charge you an additional deposit for having a dish but they can not prevent you from having satellite TV. Visit the FCC website for further information and laws. You must of course have an apartment with a balcony that faces the south to receive satellite signals. Will bad weather affect satellite TV reception? Heavy rain or snow can cause a brief interruption of the satellite signal. Outages are usually brief and reception will return as soon as the rain or snow lightens. Outages are usually very rare when the satellite has been installed properly. Hopefully your satellite question has been answered in this article. If you have further questions you should contact a local satellite provider. Find free dish network satellite tv at the author s website on satellite television and TV.

What Are HDTV s?

What Are HDTV s? In a period of time there comes a technological innovation which brings endless benefits to the population. The tele is such a creation. Ever since the tele s creation the population have been on the quest for better and better tele s. Now alas High Definition television sets have satisfied the urges of many TV addicts. High Definition television sets or high-definition tele s are an amazing new technological advancement to the HD TV set. Ever since coming to the market High Definition television sets have created a craze. Film buffs, sport fans, and anyone who wants the screen to be as real as real life is amazed at what High Definition television sets bring out on their screens. Now we may ask what is HD TV set, especially when we have not seen one of these great High Definition television sets in the past? The HDTV basics is that you watch TV at high-definition. A HD TV set has amazing resolution and sublime digital surround sound. A HD TV set removes the awkward black bars that a lot of movie formats come with. Putting it simply - a HD TV set is watching wide screen how it is meant to be! Since High Definition television sets have been released, they have been in extraordinary demand. Anyone who wants the best out of a TV set wants to get a HDTV and learn about HDTV. As with all recent technologies released there is a lot to learn about all the new specifications and which HD TV set to buy. When buying a HD TV set for home, you want to make sure that you are actually getting a HD TV set. If you don t want to end up with a television with ordinary visual and audio, then you need to recognize the differences between analog and HDTV formats to determine if you really need an upgrade for your watching enjoyment. ::: Features of High Definition television sets ::: Technically, a HD TV set give a much better and improved screen resolution. Basically meaning that your HD TV set, can easily provide you with better picture quality whether you are watching a good DVD movie or a documentary it doesn t matter. You simply have amazing picture quality (though the end result depends on your signal quality). The big highlight of High Definition television sets is that you can watch wide screen as it is meant to be, without having parts of the screen cropped. HDTVs simply give a unprecedented picture quality that is crisper and finer than existing tele s. A great thing with these new High Definition television sets is that they can easily complement other analog based video equipment, such as your camcorders, DVD players, gaming consoles. On a gaming console such as the Sony Playstation range, you can see a new level of experience with a HD TV set. Buying a HD TV set can be the best buy you can make. The picture quality is simply breathtaking, and will please many whether used for playing video games on the console or watching a $100 million movie, you will be pleased with a HD TV set. Keep in in mind with High Definition television sets is that your HD TV set may be great, and offer the best possible picture known to man! But if your provider of the signal (TV company, etc) can t give a good signal, it doesn t matter your picture quality will be no good. Also when you buy a new HD TV set to keep in mind to get a flexible HD TV set, one that has features which you may not use now, but might need in future - such as DVI or HDMI. Sony Supplier - the premier source for the best flat panel lcd HDTV , Sony Supplier reviews HDTV and more. Check us before you buy your next HDTV TV

Real Military Tactics You Can Use in the World of Warcraft to Improve Your PvP skills

Warcraft is a game of Player versus Player (PvP) action. It is all about war and real military tactics translate well into the game. Here are some real tactics that you can use to improve your pvp in the game. All for one and one for all This is a tactic that was made famous by the British Navy in the 19th century. Up until that time when two fleets of ships engaged in combat each ship would find an enemy to pair up against. But this concept says that all the ships in the British fleet should simultaneously attack one enemy ship and sink it real fast. This tactic is perfect for Warcraft. If you are in a group of players and you encounter an enemy group you should call out one enemy and then all attack him at the same time. In a matter of five seconds the chosen enemy is gone and now your party of five is facing a party of four. You have a distinct advantage. You should all focus on the next foe and take him out. Using a tactic like this can make your group practically unstoppable. Tommy Drills This is a common term for performing the same actions over and over again. It was commonly used for learning how to load, fire, clear and reload a weapon. The purpose of repeating the drill many many times was to make it second nature. This way, when you are in combat you don’t have to think about it at all â€"it comes automatically. You should do this with your warcraft skills. Set up your tool bar with your best weapons and defenses and then in the arena, in challenges, and in real pvp you practice the same set of button combinations. Doing this over and over will make it automatic and you practically unstoppable. Special Forces Team Interlocking Skills Special forces teams are small teams of soldiers that are all trained in different skills. This allows them, as a team to successfully handle a very wide range of problems. In warcraft, particularly on the battlefields like Arathi Basin or Warsong Gulch the pitch of battle is very feverish and people are fighting in a haphazard manner. You can significantly increase your chances of success if you just team up with one person with an opposite skill set. If you are a magic user type you should look for a warrior or rogue type and follow him around and conversely, if you are a hack and slash, toe-to-toe damage type you should find a magic user type to befriend or just follow around. Having two very different skill sets focused on an opponent brings an incredible array of weapons to bear that nobody few players can overcome. The title of the game Warcraft says it all and it is only natural that some of the best combat techniques used by the military translate well into the game. With a little know how and a little practice you can apply these techniques and dramatically improve your pvp performance. The author has blurred the line between reality and Warcraft by building a virtual reality chamber in his living room where he plays warcraft after work. You can see this Warcraft pod and his other projects at: The Warcraft Virtual Reality Pod - The Ultimate Game Experience at

Raster And Vector Graphic Design - The Two Types Of Graphic Design Software

A graphic design software is a computer program that allows you to create and edit digital images. In can help you in several tasks, including resizing images, rotating, cropping, color correcting, adjusting brightness and contrast, red-eye reduction, photo filtering, and even superimpositions, to name a few. Images can be imported from digital cameras, scanners, the internet, and images from the hard drive for editing. A good, reliable graphic design software is an integral part in web design; magazine publications; the creation of graphic novels, the creation of marketing materials such as posters, brochures, covers, sleeves, and billboards; and in designing t-shirts, mugs, and collectibles among a host of other things. Types of graphic design software Generally, there are two types of graphic design software: raster graphics and vector graphics. In simple terms, raster graphics is used to create simple and static graphic images while vector is used to create more advanced graphics. Raster graphics creates images from simple line arrangements and usually has a bitmap format, where the image is pixelized (those visible squares that appear when you enlarge a photo). Some examples of raster graphics include Paint Shop Pro, GIMP, and Adobe Photoshop. Vector graphics on the other hand, uses mathematical formulas in creating geometric figures, polygons, and lines. It can create and resize images to infinite proportions without losing the image quality. It can also be used to create interactive and animated images, as well as games and advanced web designs. Some examples of vector graphics include Macromedia Flash and Adobe Live Motion. Recommended Graphic Design Software / Consumer Information A complete Guide to GRAPHIC DESIGN SOFTWARE is available in Picky Guide one of the fastest growing online magazines giving free consumer advice and product information.

Where To Download Free Sony Psp Games

So you want to download free Sony PSP games, huh? Well, you can! You should have a memory stick to save the free games in. In time, you may want to purchase a memory stick with a higher capacity--the Memory Stick Pro Duo card. This is because you want to bring most of your favorite games with you on the road. Your game collection will grow, trust me, since you can download free Sony PSP games after you read this article. So let s get it on. Now that the memory stick issue is out of the way, you will need to find on the Internet websites that allow you to download free Sony PSP games. Go online and use your favorite search engine. Type the search words, download free Sony PSP games, and you will get a lot of links. Now comes the harder part: separating the good from the bad and the ugly. You will encounter three kinds of download sites. The most common one is the one with where you ca download free Sony PSP games--these websites have a lot of pop up ads and banner ads. Although you can click and download games immediately, the speed leaves a lot to be desired. It can take you anywhere from an hour to a day waiting for the download to finish. By the time it finishes, you will have the game plus a lot of spyware and adware. The good thing though is that you paid no cash. The second one is the not-free-one-at-all. It is also annoying. It claims to be free but when you click to download free Sony PSP games, you are led to a membership page along with a joining fee sign up form and an explanation that after you pay to join, you still need to pay a monthly fee. The good thing is that the downloads are faster and you won t have any spyware or adware in your PC after the download. You just shell out money, and then shell out more every month. The third one is the best, a combination, or a compromise between the first one (where you shell out no cash, get spyware, and endure slow downloads) and the second one (where you get fast downloads, no spyware, and shell out cash upon joining and more for every month). The third kind is the type that asks you to pay for a one-time joining fee, and then afterwards no more monthly or hidden fees. You enjoy unlimited downloads, not only can you download free Sony PSP games, but also wallpapers, tutorials, homebrew programs, and more. That s it. Now you know how to download free Sony PSP games. More information on this topic is available, just click PSP GAME

Want to Play a Killer Video Game?

Want to Play a Killer Video Game? One of the greatest video arcade games was The House of The Dead and the excitement of shooting your way out to stay alive was intense! It is good to see hot video games turning into movies, such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill. One movie in particular has a powerful gory twist, when it comes to game playing. The new movie Stay Alive will take you to a whole new level of gaming, if you can stay alive! Do you like creepy video games where your life is on the line? It was just a matter of time before a movie came out that took you into the game world for real! Think of the last game that you played and be glad you did not die in reality. Imagine the pressure of a video game pushing you to win, or you will end in a bloody death! Sounds like fun until you see some red eyes coming out of the darkness to steal your soul! Stay Alive starts out as an interesting game, but there should have been a clear warning, when you have to chant something! The chant in the movie opens up a portal for the main killer of the game to take your life. Once in the game you can use roses to stop the attacker, but you have to be quick. The killer in the game is a mysterious lady who does not think twice about running you over with a horse and carriage. She does not wince at stabbing large scissors in your neck. You have to feel badly for the people who first play this game, because they never had a chance to see what was coming. Only the people playing later on can put the pieces of the puzzle together. It is after seeing one person die after another, that the cast of Stay Alive gets serious. This movie has a strong Gothic touch and the mysterious lady killer in the game loves blood. You will get a sense of a vampire blood lust in this movie. Hutch O Neill(Jon Foster) decides to go to a plantation that is exactly like the one in the video game. While at the plantation he finds a rude awakening. The plantation is not only just like the game, but the master of the house has been killed. The small group that remains has gathered knowledge about the twisted and sick lady killer in the game. They find out she is kept alive by draining and soaking her body in young girls blood. The trick is getting to the tower that holds her body and killing her. The one way they can kill her is by using nails, but even that ultimately fails. I will let you find out what really kills the Lady of Blood by watching the movie. Swink Sylvania(Frankie Muiz) plays a geek who cannot shut his mouth, but has a greater understanding of what is going on then anyone else. Swink Sylvania(Frankie Muiz) turns out to be a very important person in this movie, and without him things would have been gory for the two still alive. The movie will give you a sense of Hell Raiser meets the demon eyed blood lady. The movie really was not that bad and the story line was interesting, for a creepy video game come to life! Video games have gained so much popularity and it is easy to get caught up in the game. Once you start playing, time goes by so fast and you forget what is going on around you. Video games are a nice escape from reality, just as long as no one gets killed! The next time you are in the video store, take a good look at what is on the shelf. Will you be playing some Madden football or will you be fighting for your life in the streets? Maybe that one creepy video game you see has been calling your name! Either way, it is fun for a bunch of friends to bring over their video game consoles and see who comes out the winner. Remember with Stay Alive , you die in the game, then you die for real! DeWayne H. Strickland has been a Film Freak since the time he could walk. He is a crazy movie review critic in long term therapy. Learn How to Seduce Women, with Almost Hypnotic Control and Accuracy at:

Dish Network Online Sales

Over 11 million people in the United States use Dish Network’s satellite TV. If you are one of the unlucky one’s who has been left behind, then get the best deal through Dish network online sales . You will come across hordes of websites that offer the Dish network satellite TV, along with hundreds of freebies ranging from DVR systems, satellite receivers, home theater systems and DVD players. So which is the best deal on dish network? Well, this article would guide you just to do that. Best Deal on Dish Network Rather than ordering the product from Dish Network, take some time and browse through their dealers. These dealers will offer you much better deals and much more freebies. The reason behind this is pretty simple. They are online, so the investment is much less when compared to a brick and mortar store. They pass on this cost savings to the consumers as discounts and freebies. The other reason is plain old competition. There is cut throat competition nowadays. One wants to beat the other. Hence the consumer benefits again. So, start browsing and looking for the best deal on Dish Network. What Will You Get? Dish Network offers up to 3 different packages according to your preferences. The three packages are All American Top 60s, 120s, and 180s. The packages differ in rates and content. DirecTV is another service provider, which offers more of sports channels, while Dish Network offers more of international and movie channels. You may get freebies depending on what the dealer is offering. You may get up to 4 satellite TV receivers, Dish Network access card, DVD players, Home theater systems etc. You may also get free subscriptions to movie channels. How Can I Get And Install? You can get dish network special offers online and make secure online payments with your credit cards using Dish network’s secure payment system. Dish network also has an automated phone system at 1-800-333-3474. You can call and follow the IVR. Dish network offers free installation and shipping. The apparatus is also pretty easy to setup and you can also do it on your own. Beware Of Frauds! With the good comes the bad as well. There are a million websites out there offering Dish Network satellite TV with freebies that are unbelievable. However, many of these are scams and once you order you will find hidden costs for everything including the freebies and shipping. Make sure that you are ordering from a dealer who is certified by the Dish Network. Check to see if there are any hidden costs involved. Some operators even charge outrageous cancellation fees. So, be careful and choose best deal on dish network! Follow our guidelines on researching best Dish Network satellite TV dealers . Learn also DirecTV and Dish Network comparison in terms of equipment, programming guide, and special offers.

Physical Game Media On The Way Out

While speaking at a panel discussion in Mountain View, California, Microsoft VP Peter Moore said that he believes that the death of physical game media in inevitable. Let s be fair. Whether it s five, 10, 15, 20 years from now, the concept of driving to the store to buy a plastic disc with data on it and driving back and popping it in the drive will be ridiculous.... We ll tell our grandchildren that and they ll laugh at us. Supporting Mr. Moore’s prediction for the future, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime made an interesting announcement at DICE 2006 concerning the Nintendo DS. Reggie explained that DS download stations will be in retail outlets across the US and Canada in the very near future. Which essentially means DS users can visit theses stations and wirelessly download new games, demos, trailers, etc. You will be able to play with these files or games you download until you shut your system off, at which point they will be lost. Even Blockbuster Video has announced that they will now be offering online rental services, where movies and games are delivered directly to your home. The idea of being able to download the newest game for your Xbox 360, Sony PS3 , or Nintendo Revolution is a concept that many of us would simply love. However as Moore points out, the extinction of retailers wont happen over night, but already we are seeing other means of getting media. But for now, retailers are still the largest and most lucrative means of getting new games and media in the hands of users. The idea of being able to download the newest game for your Xbox 360, Sony PS3, or Nintendo revolution is a concept that many of us would simply die for. For more news, check out our Xbox site or our Nintendo Revolution site.

What You Should Know About DVD Camcorders

DVD camcorder allows you to record home movies directly to DVD and play them back on your home DVD player. Nothing compares to the convenience of recording directly to the high-resolution DVD format. Instant access to any scene eliminates wasted time fast-forwarding and rewinding and the durable DVD format saves memories securely in high-resolution. Seeing as your recording is based on DVD disc and not on tape or tape-based players, the quality of recordings is out standing. The benefit of recording with a DVD camcorder is its flexibility. You can use your camera to record at home, use it as a storage medium, or in the office connected to your PC. Unlike videotapes, DVD s need no rewinding or fast-forwarding to search for specific scenes. The DVD camcorder s LCD displays a list of the recorded scenes for quick, easy searching. Images recorded onto DVD-RAM or DVD-R discs can also be played on a DVD recorder or DVD player, so you don t have to hook the camcorder up to a TV to watch your recordings. Anyone who has yet to buy a digital camcorder might be thinking it s a good idea to skip the Mini DV tape format now dominating the space, and jump right to recordable-DVD camcorder. Think of it as a Polaroid camera: you shoot, finalize the disc and pop it out. DVD camcorders come in two versions, one that uses rewritable DVD-RAM/R discs requiring a DVD player with RAM playback or a PC with a DVD-RAM drive, and the other that uses the more popular DVD-R/RW discs that work with most ordinary DVD players. About The Author: Roger King has been using final cut studio for video production and get the best results ever. It’s professional software, with all the Hollywood bells and whistles. If you would like to learn more about video editing, check out my website

Cable Broadband - Worth It?

Cable Broadband - Worth It? Many internet users today plug into the internet with a dial-up modem. We connect our PC to a telephone jack and wait for the computer and server to shake hands. If there is a successful connection, we’re ready to surf the internet. Otherwise, we need to dial up the model and connect to another server. Sounds frustrating? For a lot of users, dial up isn’t offering what they need. However, there’s an option that is available for almost all households: Cable Broadband. What is cable broadband? Cable broadband is a higher speed internet that could transmit data 400 times faster than dial-up. With coaxial cables, the bandwidth is “broader” so that the download and upload speed is unsurpassed by any conventional phone modems. As one can see, cable broadband offers faster speeds. But how can this benefit the average user? The benefits for individuals are tremendous. Broadband is allowing new media to be available for the consumer. For example, who would’ve thought watching television programs or music videos would be readily available with a simple url search? The convenience of the broadband gave license to webmasters and corporations to play music and videos online. If you’re still using dial-up, access to videos and streaming music may not be ideal. It’s slower which could mean that the movie or streaming music will break up during the transfer of data. Loss of data could make the experience unpleasant. What happens if your connection for your dial-up drops? In this case, you’d have to start up the dial-up again and wait for your pc to connect. Unfortunately, dropped connections happenâ€"sometimes too frequently. With cable broadband, there are no interruptions. The connection is constantly on and it doesn’t have to reconnect if the pc remains idle. Online games are becoming mainstream. Games such as World of Warcraft and Second Life are best played when there’s a broadband connection. With cable internet access, a person can play a game without interruptions. However, dial-up users have to worry about lag during play. This could mean the frame rate becomes too slow that the game won’t respond well. Or, it could mean constant connection dropping because the game thinks the PC is idle. For home stock day traders or commodity traders, real time connections are crucial. A delayed execution of a trade could cost a person thousands of dollars in lost opportunities. Cable internet allows instant transmission of data so that the trader gets the trade executed on time. Moreover, connection with cable is more reliable so that you’ll know you won’t have to reconnect during bad connections. Cable internet services also allow users to add a wireless router. A wireless router lets people with laptops to roam around the house without a cable connection to the internet. Since the data is transmitted through the, this allows ease and portability for anyone with a wireless pc card. There’s good reason why cable broadband is becoming a good alternative for internet access. Individuals who have cable TV are now offered cable internet access. Consider cable internet if it’s right for you. Michael Russell Your Independent guide to Broadband

Does The Playstation 3 Have Overheating Problems?

Does The Playstation 3 Have Overheating Problems? For Sony things weren t looking so great going back to the Tokyo Games Show in September 2006. Sony was unveiling their eagerly anticipated new PlayStation 3 games system, and the demo units were spluttering and dying left and right. This was essentially bad news considering the recent recall of Sony s lithium ion batteries. The problem was simply that the Playstation 3 console was overheating. A representative from an equities company was the first to report it and soon after, everybody in gaming industry was talking about the new PS3 overheating problem. Actually, there were several reasons why the consoles were taking to overheating, that did not really have anything to do with the design of the machines themselves. To start with, the Tokyo Game Show was extremely hot. Anyone that s visited Japan in September will know that it s a brutal time of the year, and the venue was lacking air-conditioning. There were 200 PlayStation 3 all in action close to one another, which is probably poor planning on the part of the organizers. To make things worse, all the consoles were sealed in cases to prevent anybody from peeking into the machine. This means that unfortunately there was no way that the exhaust fans, which were reportedly operating just fine, could get rid of all that heat. It seems obvious that with 200 consoles in sealed cases in sweltering conditions that they would overheat. Still, it looked very bad. Representatives from Sony were all over the place during October stating that there weren t any overheating issues and many gamers were sceptical. To make things worse for Sony was the recent recall of the lithium ion batteries, which are mostly used within there Vaio Laptops. The batteries were overheating and bursting into flames! This resulted in a massive recall of nearly seven million batteries being returned, and this was a massive financial blow to Sony. Critics commented that Sony was actually aware of this problem but didn t act quickly enough, and if they had, the recall may have been avoided. Taking all this into account, it did effect Sony s reputation pretty badly, combined with the overheating demos at the Tokyo Game Show looked much worse. With batteries exploding and the new PlayStation console choking away, many investors decided to pull out. At that time, Sony s share price dropped 2.75% Now, since the release of the PlayStation 3 console late last year, how many machines have been over heating? The good news seems to be that nobody has reported their machines over heating. It may have been just a fluke. In view of the variety of reasons why the consoles were getting over heated at the Tokyo Game Show, none of which seems to be down to the machines themselves, and all lack of consumer confidence and bad press blew it way out of proportion. It has been experienced by many gamers that after prolonged gaming, sometimes 48 hours straight (more or less), playing various games on the PlayStation 3, there was no trouble to report. The fans continued to run quietly, there was warm air coming out of the back, it got hot as all consoles do, but not too hot, and no overheating trouble was noticed. The only problems were bleary eyes, backs and thumbs, and delirium due to a complete lack of sleep and video game overdose. Finally, if you don t believe the lack of PlayStation 3 overheating problems, check out the gaming forums, you won t hear anything about PS3 on these issues. For more information on the PlayStation 3 try visiting , a popular games console website that provides console news, tips, and game reviews for the Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3 , and Xbox 360.

The Advantages of Using Windows Vista

Windows Vista is the new operating system from Microsoft. It offers new and improved features. It also offers some of the same features that we are all used to. Windows Vista came out earlier this year and offers a new visual interface. This new Windows Vista visual interface is called Windows Aero. There are also new tools included within Windows Vista like a new DVD Maker that many users like. Microsoft is also trying to link Windows Vista with their other home console - the XBOX 360. Of course, with each new operating system comes some criticism. · One of the best and newest advantages of Windows Vista is its new security features. Windows Vista provides great security features that help to prevent people from hacking into your system. If you try to do certain sensitive actions, it will ask you for a password. This will help to prevent people from entering your system without permission. · The new version of Internet Explorer in Windows Vista has also upgraded its security features. It has new filters and parental controls to keep you safe while you are surfing online. Windows Vista also sports a new robust anti-spam guard. This is called Windows Defender, and it will help keep you safe from spyware and adware that can slow down your system. · Windows Vista’s security features aren’t the only new advantages to the operating system. There is also a new, more visual, user interface with Windows Vista. Microsoft has called this Windows AERO. The AERO stands for authentic, energetic, reflective, and open. It is a new 3D interface making it easier to use. All the new graphics in Windows Vista will really take advantage of the new technology they have added to the operating system. · Windows Vista makes it easy to set up small business offices to large mega corporations. It does this using its new imaging technology. Using this new Windows Vista technology, it has become more cost effective to switch an entire office over to the new operating system. · Microsoft has also made it easier to use applications on Windows Vista. With its improved peer-to-peer sharing, as well as .NET framework, it has become easier to use a variety of applications. · Windows Vista provides new levels of stability as well. Its new driver system makes access and using most program drivers more stable. They have designed a sort of two-tier system which can help prevent crashes. The new Windows Vista system also will detect driver problems as soon as they occur, and the program will restart it automatically without having to reboot the entire system. · Another great new feature to Windows Vista is a feature called sleep. It takes the best qualities of hibernate and standby and combines them into one. With sleep, in Windows Vista, you can quickly and easily temporarily stop your computer without having to shut the whole thing down. This is also a great energy saving tool embedded in Windows Vista as well. · A new program called SuperFetch allows for Windows Vista to access and load programs faster. No more wait times. SuperFetch with Windows Vista uses a new intelligent proprietary system based around the programs you use often. It pre-loads these files or programs into its memory so it can launch them faster. This eliminates the slow response after rebooting your computer with Windows Vista. · In the past, if your computer started to run slowly, it was usually an issue with your RAM (random access memory). After that, you would have to remove the RAM and add more to fix the problem. This can void warranties, or it can just become a hassle, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. With Windows Vista, you can now plug in a USB drive or flash drive, and Windows Vista will use that to help boost its performance. No more rebooting, or having to buy new RAM chips with this OS. There are many new advantages to Windows Vista. They have put a lot of effort into making an operating system that everyone will enjoy, and that is easy to use. They have added new security features to Windows Vista to keep you safe while you are on the net and off. There is a new visual interface to make it easier to use, and Microsoft has really addressed some of the issues of the previous operating systems with Windows Vista. Although nothing is perfect, Windows Vista seems to have all of the answers for now. This article was written by staff at Find the latest software to help clean and restore your computer to full health. We review Registry Cleaners and have many articles on PC maintenance and tips on how to speed up your pc. Visit RepairYourPcNow.Com Here

Australia Satellite TV - How to Watch Satellite TV in Australia

Australians are caught with quite a number of options to watch satellite TV in Australia. Whether it is satellite TV services like SelecTV or Kansat, using satellite TV dish systems or watching TV via normal terrestrial reception, there are too many alternatives to select from when one wants to watch Australia satellite TV. This article will show you what is needed and offer some useful tips about the options to watch satellite TV in Australia. There are mainly three direct methods to watch satellite TV in Australia. One is to go for satellite TV services that offer monthly TV packages, satellite TV equipment and installation suppliers and lastly is simply to tap on PC satellite TV software. Essentially, all make use of free to air TV broadcasts to deliver satellite TV channels to viewers. Using Australian satellite TV services mean that you would select a TV package of your choice to watch satellite TV in Australia. The TV packages normally vary in terms of the number of TV channels from a few to over 20 TV channels and prices. Pricing generally is tied to the number of channels available â€" the more channels, the pricier it would be. Payment would be in the form of monthly bills and range from $20 and above. So it works out to be about $300 in a year. Other than using Australia satellite TV services, you can use a satellite TV equipment supplier like Kansat. These are satellite TV services that only deal with the equipment and installation. Since it is possible to receive free to air satellite TV channels to watch satellite TV in Australia using a satellite dish system, all one needs is to make sure that the equipment setup is done properly. The price tag on the system varies but it is quite normal to pay more than $300 for a complete dish system. The last method to watch satellite TV in Australia which is using PC satellite TV software enables your computer to function just like a satellite TV. Each PC satellite TV software package comes complete with a TV listing of more than 2000 satellite TV channels. You can get to watch world TV channels like news, movie channels, sports channels, music channels, VOOM high definition channels, interactive channels like shopping channels and more. What you need is simply the software that costs you a ‘whopping’ one-time $50 maximum and an internet connection. These are the three most popular methods to watch satellite TV in Australia. Probably you have been so used to the satellite TV dish systems that it is almost unconceivable to be watching satellite TV on PC in Australia. But the truth is using PC satellite TV software is catching up very quickly in the urban towns and the suburbs are following the trend as well. For a price tag of $50, it is affordable for most families. TV viewers love to have more choices, and the wide selection offered by the PC satellite TV software definitely is very appealing to viewers. Compare this against some of the monthly subscriptions you are paying, you would definitely see the vast difference in terms of the value you are getting. Read up more about satellite TV and the PC satellite TV software people are using to watch satellite TV in Australia and many parts of the world through my satellite TV blog. Davion is a self-proclaimed TV fanatic. Read more on how you can instantly watch satellite TV on PC , tuning into hundreds of LIVE sports channels, news channels and movies for zilch dollar. Also read his wildly popular article on how to watch satellite TV on PC instantly for pennies.

Van Gogh s Missing Classic

Van Gogh s Missing Classic One of the final paintings completed by Vincent Van Gogh before he committed suicide was the Portrait of Dr. Gachet. This portrait of Van Gogh’s personal physician is considered one of his most important works and remains a popular cultural image. In 1990, this painting was sold in a New York auction house to Roei Saito, a Japanese industrialist, for a record price of $82.5 million. After purchasing the painting, he had it shipped to Tokyo, where he spent several hours looking over and admiring the painting. He then repacked it and sealed it inside an unknown climate-controlled location for the next seven years. During these seven years, Saito faced many financial and health problems. He became wheelchair bound and was in legal trouble for trying to bribe officials in a gold course development deal. During this difficult time, he threatened to the media to have the Portrait of Dr. Gachet burned and buried with him, although he later claimed he was just joking. However, when he died in 1996, this Van Gogh masterpiece was nowhere to be found. To this day it has still not been located, and many people speculate about its whereabouts. Most people do not believe that Saito carried out with his threat and burned the painting, but it certainly is possible. To lose this painting forever would be a huge blow for the art community. While Saito’s threats sounded credible, this was not the first time this particular painting has disappeared. In the early 1900s, the painting was moved from Amsterdam to Germany. When Hitler and the Nazis rose to power in the 1930s, they condemned certain works of art and piece’s owner locked it up in a secret room, where it was hidden for a few years before being rediscovered. Many people believe that whoever currently has the painting does not want to reveal it to the international art world because of all the intrigue surrounding it. Of course, the debate still ensues over where the money would have come from for someone to purchase the piece of artwork and where exactly the painting is located now. New York, Paris and Switzerland are popular locations in the rumor mill. However, many doubt it ended up in New York due to the fact shippers, customs workers and others would have had to seen the painting. The mystery surrounding the Portrait of Dr. Gachet is still present today, and nothing new is known eleven years later. Hopefully sometime soon this mystery will finally be put to rest, and the painting will hopefully reappear. Brandon Fuhrmann is an expert on art for offers 100% hand painted reproductions of classic artwork. Visit for more information on Van Gogh s Portrait of Dr. Gachet

Free SMS Text Messaging Sites - Why Send Free SMS Messages, Online?

Free SMS Text Messaging Sites - Why Send Free SMS Messages, Online? Why would anyone want to send free sms text messages via a website? What s wrong with tap, tap, tapping out your message on your mobile phone (or cell phone), and simply pressing send when you ve finished? Why would anyone need to go online, just to send a text message? If you have these questions about sms text messaging, then this short article is for you. So, why would anyone want to send free sms via a website? (Stop me, if I m going too quick!) Free SMS is, er, free. It s fast: it s much quicker to type the messages using a keyboard than it is to tap away at a tiny keypad. Even with predictive texting (or predoctive tixting, as I like to call it!) typing a text on your cellphone takes too long. You can also queue your messages and send them later. You can send messages to mobile phone users wherever they live in the world. You can fool your friends and send them an anonymous text message online. (Online sms messages can nearly always be traced, though, so I don t recommend that you send abusive messages - that, and it s not nice, is it!) Again, free sms is free. Texting can often cost you 12p or 10p or 10c when you use your cell phone. And if you have a free texting plan, does it really cover unlimited texts to all parts of the world? You can receive messages on your cellphone or on your computer, when you use a free sms text messaging service. You can use more than one free sms service (especially if you live in UK or USA) and almost never run out of free sms credits. Okay, what s wrong with sending free sms via a website? There has to be some downsides, surely. After all, you don t get anything for free these days. (My, you re a suspicious type!) Well, not all free sms services are fast. Not all services let you receive messages on your cellphone (or your PC). And not all free text messaging sites work. And some free sms services are not even free, they just claim to be. Sometimes people get charged for receiving a message, and sometimes people are charged for sending them, via sneaky subscription charges buried away in tiny terms and conditions. However, most free sms sites that have been around a while do what it says on the tin ; i.e. they offer fast, easy-to-type free sms texting. And as such these sites are some of the net s best-loved freebies. And even the sms sites that charge you, like ipipi, allow you to send sms quickly to almost anywhere in the world at a fraction of the cost of sending texts from your mobile or cell phone. So why use free sms text messaging sites? Well, er, it s free. It s quicker: think typing rather than fumbling with your cellphone keypad. It s worldwide: think of all your friends who don t live in the same country as you. Above all, think free sms is free. Steve M Nash is owner of the free sms text messaging directory with more than 150 free sms sites listed and reviewed. Online since 2001, also contains bulk sms resources, sms poems , and lots more. Why not send a free sms text message , today!

Zune Download Sites

Hello lucky zune owner are you looking for some info on sites where you can get all the zune downloads you want then read on to find out more. There are many sites out there that you could visit and get zune downloads for free or download Zune software for free. Stay away from those. Most of these sites are full of ads and other things you do not want. While yes, you can download until your zune begs for mercy for free you will regret it because your computer will start acting up and then your zune will act up and then you will have to wipe it and start over because that free site filled it with a lot of crap and now your done. There are good zune download sites out there that you can get all of your downloads and not have major computer problems. I think it is great you do not have to pay every month or worry with points as with the zune market place. You just go to your site that you signed up for to get your downloads and start downloading you can get the same song as many times as you like. These sites are full of zune downloads they have music movies videos and software to help you get everything onto your zune. They will help you with your zune downloads if you have a problem. There are no negatives with these sites in my opinion but eveyone has a diffrent opinion so you will have to be the judge on whether or not it is for you. I have found 6 sites that I think are good for zune downloads they offer everything you will need to get your zune downloads fast and safely. I even found a site that supports any MP4 player made you can also check it out. To see the sites I found for zune downloads Just Click Here

How To Choose The Right Laptop

I am often asked how one goes about choosing the right laptop. Obviously because of the technological understanding required as well as the plethora of brands out there, it can be very confusing and daunting. So here is some brief advice on how to go about it: Firstly decide what you are going to use the laptop for. For example, if it is just to be used for internet, email access and documents then your requirements are very different from someone planning to run processor and memory intensive applications such as games, media applications or CAD. An entry level laptop may be more than adequate for your needs! So why pay for more? Don’t buy a laptop just because it has lots of features . This is because you will most likely end up paying for features that you don’t need. A good example of what I mean by lots of features and where this happens a lot is with cell phones. Most people just use them for calls and sms’s, yet end up paying exorbitant prices for fancy phones that have a “million-and-one” features, they never use. Rather carefully consider the specifications and features of various models and decide what is important for your needs. I.e. wireless (mostly standard nowadays), Bluetooth, harddrive size, processor spec, memory size, built in camera etc. When comparing models which have similar specifications go for the one with the highest performance processor (dual processor preferable) as well as the maximum amount of ram you can afford (minimum 512Mbytes). The better the processor and the more ram, the faster the laptop will be. While one should not buy IT based on lots of features , it is worth ensuring that you get the best value for money with features that are important. Weight and battery size can also be a deciding factor. If you travel frequently, then a light laptop with a 12” screen may be preferable to lugging around the world with a dead weight. Choosing the laptop brand is always a personal thing. Sometimes you just like the look and feel of a particular brand. Other times it s a recommendation from a particular person. The brand you choose can also make a huge difference in price. For example recently, I was comparing a Lenovo Z61p against a Mecer E81 with identical performance specifications and the Lenovo was - R6000 (South African Rands) more expensive. Also the Mecer had more inbuilt features such as a camera and TV tuner. However despite the price difference and extra features, the customer still went for the Lenovo because he loved the look and feel of the Lenovo brand over the Mecer. My favorites brands in order of preference are: Lenovo, Acer, Mecer and HP.

How To Easily Download Music To Your PSP

Downloading and playing music mp3s are a trend nowadays. Sony released a great multimedia player which they call the Sony Playstation Portable or PSP. This player is capable of playing mp3s and mp4s, music and video files. A lot of you may be having a really difficult time downloading files to your PSP, when it should just be so easy. Firstly, you ll need to check that what you re downloading onto the PSP are either mp3 or mp4 files. If your files are not yet in that format, you would have to convert your music files and video files to the appropriate format for you to be able to play them on your PSP. A helpful program, the ImTOO PSP Music Suite which includes the ImTOO CD Ripper and ImTOO PSP Video Converter, can be used to download and play music and video files on your PSP. The software also allows you to convert your files into compatible mp3 and mp4 files. 1. MP3 Files -> PSP First off, you d have to connect your computer to your PSP via a USB cable. Your computer should be able to detect that you have a new USB device connected. Check in My Computer and you should have another drive letter listed which corresponds to your PSP. It usually is E: or F:. Open this drive and create a new folder and rename it to PSP. Next, open this PSP folder and create a new folder to be renamed MUSIC. To transfer mp3 files already on your computer, just open that MUSIC folder in the PSP drive and copy paste your desired mp3 files. When you re done copying, you could just remove the USB connection then you re ready to go. 2. CD Songs -> PSP For your music files that would need to be converted, like music files from a cd, just install the CD Ripper onto your computer then load your music CD onto the CD drive. On the CD Ripper program, you ll see an Extract and Encode button, just click on it and it would then convert and transfer the songs from your CD to your PSP. Make sure that you have selected the PSP format. 3. iTunes Music -> PSP If you want to transfer music files from your iTunes to your PSP, you would have to convert these to an mp3 file since iTunes music are stored in mp4 format. Just launch your PSP Video Converter program. Load the mp4 music files that you wish to be converted by clicking on the Add button in the File Menu. Then just select or browse to your audio files. The selected files would then be displayed in the Converter program. Next thing would be to highlight these files and select PSP Audio Format (.mp3) as the output format. The current information and format type of the files will also be displayed on the screen. You would then need to select the folder where you wish to save the converted files, default path is C:/temp. After conversion, you ll get mp3 files which you could then transfer to your PSP. You will just have to follow the same steps discussed above in transferring mp3 files from your computer to PSP. You can also convert video files to the PSP compatible format of mp4 using basically the same steps. Once you ve converted your video files to mp4, you ll also be able to watch them on your PSP. With the advancement in technoloy such as the development of PSP, users are able to enjoy their favorite music and videos in a portable media player. Several programs or software are also available to make the music experience hassle-free. To search for your favorite music, please visit .

ERP Software Vendors

Enterprise resource planning systems are management information systems that integrate and automate business practices associated with the operations, production and distribution aspects of a company engaged in manufacturing products or services. Some of the well-known vendors of ERP systems are SAP AG, Oracle Applications, Microsoft Dynamics, SSA Global Technologies, QAD and Exact Software. Founded in 1972, SAP AG is the largest European software enterprise, headquartered in Walldorf, Germany. SAP is an acronym for Systems, Applications And Products in Data Processing. It is the largest ERP solution software provider in terms of revenue. SAP products focus on ERP systems. Its main product is SAP R/3. R stands for real-time data processing, and the number 3 relates to the three-tier application architecture of its database, application server and client. There are over 91,500 SAP installations at more than 28,000 companies. Over 12 million people in more than 120 countries use SAP products. Oracle Corporation was founded in 1977. It is one of the major companies involved in the development of database management systems, tools for database development, and enterprise resource planning software. The Oracle e-Business Suite includes software that perform financial, manufacturing and Human Resource Management Systems related functions. User access to these facilities is provided through a browser interface over the Internet or corporate intranet. QAD produces Enterprise Resource Planning software for six main industries -- Automotive, Consumer Products, Electronics, Food and Beverage, Industrial Products and Life Sciences. QAD product, MFG/PRO is an ERP software containing multiple optional modules and add on products like AIM Warehousing and Trade Management. Exact Software was founded in 1984. It is involved in developing software for logistics, Human Resource Management, Customer Relationship Management, e-business and Enterprise Resource Planning. Every company needs a core transactional system that records the information from its most important business processes. Prior to choosing a vendor for an enterprise, it is important to plan the budget since it is extremely difficult to upgrade already installed ERP software. ERP Software provides detailed information on ERP Software, ERP Software Solutions, ERP Software Companies, Manufacturing ERP Software and more. ERP Software is affiliated with HR Software Solutions .

Simple Gold Making Tips In World of Warcraft

Transmutation For alchemists, the best way to make gold is to transmute the items you already have and make more gold off of them. For example, if you are going to sell Arcane Crystals, a quick transmutation into Arcanite Bars yields an extra 6 gold per sale. This is a great way to make a little extra money with no extra effort. Additionally, if you notice items for sale in the Auction House that can be transmuted, by them and transmute them to resell. If you are savvy and have the necessary skill, you can make dozens of gold each day just transmuting items and reselling them. Partying in an Instance More of something to look for than an actual tip, you should ensure that when you join an instance, you are the only character of a single class in your five man party. This ensures that every item retrieved that is class specific will be given to you. If there are two mages in one group who both want the Epic cloth item that was just dropped, you only have a 50% chance of winning it on a roll and less if you already picked up a lesser item before hand. It’s best to keep things from being argumentative this way too. Selling Your Class Services As a healer, tank or high level character, you can hire out your services to other players in almost any location in the game. There are hundreds of low to mid-level characters that want to accomplish a given quest or instance and need a high level character to assist and willingly pay you to do so. If they are poor, simply take the item drops along the way. It is a great way to help out your fellow players and make friends as well as hire out your services for a decent amount of gold. The best part is that these situations often result in a low level instance that you can quickly defeat and take the items from. Seasonal Items There are certain items that Blizzard inserts into the game at certain times of year that become extremely popular for some reason or another. These seasonal items, usually released for major holidays are worth even more in the off season and can make you a decent profit if you know how to work the market. First off, when a new item is available, buy as many as the game will allow you to buy. Store all of the extras in your bank or on an alternate character and wait out the season. This is a small investment really. When a month or two has passed, those items will become rare and people will pay decent gold for them. Visit the Auction House and check the going rate. When you are happy enough with the increase, simply sell your backstock and make some extra gold. A WoW gold guide can greatly reduce your time farming for that epic mount. However, what you must realize is that 80% of Warcraft Guides out there are scams, so be very careful. Learn to tell the difference between legit and scam WoW guides at

Watch Satellite TV On The Web or Satellite Dish System

It is easy to watch satellite TV on the web today. In fact, now everyone is interested in digital quality satellite TV rather than poor quality TV like analog TV. We used to be able to watch only analog TV and TV using satellite dish systems but with more choices now, it is little wonder that more people are switching to satellite and cable TV if they can afford them. Let us see what are the gains and pains to watch satellite TV using satellite dish system and how it measures up against to watch satellite TV on the web. With the changes in technology, we have the luxury to watch satellite TV on the web in digital quality. Needless to say, it is a far more improved version than analog TV. The pictures are of excellent quality and resolution. Generally, in order for anyone to watch satellite TV, we would need a satellite dish and a receiver. Other equipment such as cables and mount are also needed. There are direct benefits in using satellite dish systems to watch satellite TV compared to the old analog systems. 1. Satellite TV dish allows you to watch up to 200 over channels. 2. Picture and audio quality is good as it can be digital broadcast. 3. Many satellite TV services provide round-the-clock technical support. 4. Satellite TV packages provide you High Definition receivers to watch satellite TV shows in HD format. These all sounds good but there are three major drawbacks when you watch satellite TV using satellite dish system. Satellite dishes are external fixtures that are challenging to fix. Also, they are subject to weather effects such as storms, heavy downpours etc. This would affect your dish and its reception. Pictures can then get wavy. The third setback is the monthly subscription fee you got to pay. What about the benefits to watch satellite TV on the web? To watch satellite TV on the web requires you to set up a PC satellite TV software on your computer. There are clear advantages in doing so. 1. Installation is a breeze. Download the software and it would prompt you to run it. Anyone can do that. 2. PC satellite TV software delivers more than 3000 worldwide channels to your PC. 3. Picture and audio quality is digital and unmatched. 4. Round-the-click technical support is available with friendly customer service. 5. Cheap one-time pricing of software As you can all see, when we compare the satellite TV systems side by side, we can quickly gather that PC satellite TV software has the leading edge. This explains why more people are turning to using this software to watch satellite TV on the web. People see the value in getting the maximum TV experience from the lowest price they can find. Are you a smart consumer as well? Come to my satellite TV blog and discover more about this PC satellite TV technology that allows you to watch satellite TV on the web in the next hour. Davion is a self-proclaimed TV fanatic. Read more on how you can instantly watch satellite TV on PC , tuning into hundreds of LIVE sports channels, news channels and movies for zilch dollar. Also read his wildly popular articles on how you can watch satellite TV for free without expensive monthly subscriptions.

Clearing Up PS3 Games Rumor

The PlayStation3 console won t be released until late this year but there are already rumors doing their rounds about it and the PS3 games. The report about Theseis is one rumor that perhaps confused even the most devoted player. Developers and publishers, as well as game sites, have been coming out with their reviews, release dates, and other news about the latest PS3 games for the past months. The hype about the PS3 s Blu-ray increased expectations about the games; a game rumor, though confusing, was not unexpected. Let me refresh the events that fueled the rumor mill. Track7 Games, the developer of the popular adventure game Theseis for PC and Xbox 360, allegedly called the people behind PS3 Land to announce an important news. The announcement? The development of PS3 Theseis was consequently cancelled due to high development costs for PS3 games. The article that PS3 Land published even quoted Vicky Valvanos, managing director for Track7, saying that Theseis development would resume if Sony offers the company some assistance. This bit of news has spread among Internet gaming sites and blogs with webmasters and forum moderators picking up the threads. Debates also ensued regarding the production of Theseis as one of the PS3 games. Apparently, no gamer noticed that there wasn t any announcement or news during the recent E3 or on the product lists about a Theseis software for PS3. A probable reason for this was the fact that Theseis appeared on several retailers sites as a PS3 game. Track7, however, did not recognized the existence of these catalogues. This is the point when everything became confusing. Track7 didn t recognize the Theseis games on the retailers sites but they called PS3 Land to announce that PS3 Theseis was discontinued? Track7 tried to clear up the issue by saying that the bits about canning PS3 Theseis and Theseis development were just jokes. The company even called the PS3 Land article erroneous . As of now, PS3 Land updated their article on PS3 Theseis with the new article from Track7. But the confusion about the PS3 games came from Track7. According to them, there was no Theseis planned or developed for PS3, but what about the announcement they made to PS3 Land? Was there really an error, or was it just a joke said in passing that got blown up into big proportions? A misunderstanding between PS3 Land and Track7 is a probable cause, although the question of what they talked about remains. Surely, there was some reference to Theseis, otherwise, it wouldn t have appeared in the article. There was also a number of retailers database that showed Theseis as one of the PS3 games. Clearly, someone started it and the knowledge about Theseis lies solely with Track7 as Sony didn t include the game in its repertoire during the recent E3. The most probable cause, I think, is that Track7 wanted to develop a Theseis software for PS3. They let out that bit of joke to test the market and the demand for their game. In my opinion, they did this, also to bait Sony into thinking that a Theseis is a good addition to their games. Anyway, whatever the reason behind this, the market for PS3 games is a big one, and I can t blame anyone for wanting to exploit this lucrative business. For more valuable information on ps3 games please visit .

Poker Games - The Flash Option

Boss Media, a software development company, was founded in 1996. Its first interactive casino, Gold Club, was launched in 1997 and became an instant success. Its initial aim was to operate Gold Club Casino, but soon after the online casino version was launched, the company received many requests from companies interested in purchasing Boss Media s software, apparently unrivalled for its tasteful game graphics astonishingly realistic casino ambience. Boss Media s corporate focus since shifted to the creation of customised e-gaming systems for several of the world s largest gaming corporations like St Minver Ltd who operate the VIP Poker Club amongst many others. Their solutions are tailored to the unique needs of each client and based on innovative casino, poker, bingo and lottery applications for multiple digital distribution channels. Boss Media sold its own Internet casino in February 2004 to focus entirely on perfecting the e-gaming solutions it develops for clients. One of those developments has been the release of its new flash based poker game which can be seen on sites like Yahoo Poker. The flash version does not require download, and thus has opened up the door to attract many casual poker players, who were perhaps turned off previously by the thought of downloading unknown software to their PC. The web based product will allow people to play in shorter bursts, perhaps during their lunch break or for a quick evening session. Most companies do not allow their staff to download software or play games at work on company time and on company PCs. However, because there is no requirement for download with the new flash web-based poker, companies will have to move swiftly to block poker site URLs, in order to prevent its staff playing the new web based poker software during spare moments online at work. Flash based poker games have been around for a while but Boss Media’s release will allow poker players to log directly into its network via one of the many white label solutions provided by networks such as St Minver Ltd. This provides immediate player liquidity for brands such as Yahoo and VIP Poker to tap directly into the network and offers players larger tournaments and greater variation of payment methods. At any given moment in the day, there are over 1000 people on playing online on the St Minver network and its network has become one of the largest in Europe. Yahoo Poker, has already seen great response to its poker release and it has yet to undergo hard launch. The software, behind web based poker is also very easy to implement and manage, so we could yet be witnessing another poker revolution as operators can reduce their costs by launching a web based poker game as opposed to a download version? Only time will tell if Boss Media’s new software will cause a stir amongst online poker players. However, one thing is for sure, poker and the technology driving the games has not slowed down and neither has the number of sites being launched and players signing up each month. MSN reported recently that over 2 million people play poker online each month. Although that figure has taken a hit recently with the prohibition order in American preventing online gambling transactions, the numbers are thought to be much the same as the focus for poker sites shifts to Europe. Perhaps now the focus will also shift towards web based poker, as users are becoming more internet savvy and increasing their need for a quick online fix. Certainly web based poker allows operators like Yahoo the opportunity to offer a poker game that fits into the busy daily routines of many internet users. Written by Morgan Collins for the VIP Poker Club. Poker Games Online for UK players. Site powered by Boss Media software. Links must be retained in reproduction of article.

Some General World of Warcraft Tips

I understand you are looking for World of Warcraft tips. Well, this game covers a lot of territory, still I can provide some general tips from my years of experience playing WoW. Hopefully, the tips I offer here will help you excel and advance your own characters to new heights. For starters, let s talk about exploring and leveling in general. A lot of people make huge mistakes in how they go about leveling, finding new places, completing quests, all that good stuff. I d rather not have you make the same mistakes, so listen closely. Always plan ahead. If your goal is to have an enjoyable ride through World of Warcraft, leveling at a steady pace while remaining within the atmosphere of the game, then a plan is essential. A good guide will tell you all of the quests you have to complete and the path you need to follow. If you do not have a guide, you will need to plan out the quests that you need to complete at each level and plot your path. Setting up where and what you are going to do is best, but not always easy, so at least decide on a general path, mapping out the zones you plan to use at specific level ranges. Then, once you hit the target level, just zip on over to the closest questing spot/monsters/new zone and continue at a good rate of travel. Another mistake I have seen people make quite often, (especially newer players,) is to spend too much cash from the oh so important levels of 30 to 40. Why is this a mistake? Well, because you want to have enough money to get a mount at level 40. Contrary to what you might think, a mount is one of the most valuable items in the entire game for speeding up your leveling. Mounts allow you to do many things rapidly that previously wasted your time and patience, such as hitting the farther out locations (like Badlands for Horde characters.) Another thing you should always do is prepare a profession in advance. If you have a higher level character already, just loan some money and materials to your lower level character, and make sure to keep your character at a good skill range comparable to your level. Letting professions rot is a pointless thing, something that often comes back to bite you in later levels. Another thing to do is grab first aid at around level five or six. Always keep this skill at the maximum skill level you can possibly achieve. Bandages are a life saver in so many situations, whether it be mid-battle or for speeding up your recovery time. Finally, and sometimes most importantly, make contacts as you level up. It s amazing how many friends and helpful buddies you can meet while advancing a character to the higher levels. Often friends can get you into guilds, get you discounts on items, and maybe just join up with you to do the occasional quest or dungeon. Good luck with your adventures in The World of Warcraft! Are you having trouble plotting your path to level 70? A well-written guide by an experienced player may be just what you need to make your leveling efficient and enjoyable. Come and see Dante s favorite leveling guides at Dante Valentino has been playing WoW since it first launched and now has multiple level 70 characters.