Saturday, January 19, 2008

Frequently Asked Satellite TV Questions

Satellite TV is a great alternative to the high prices of cable television. If you want to get satellite TV you might have a few questions about the service. Read this article and learn the answers to some of the more common questions about Satellite Television. What is included in free satellite TV offers? This will of course vary from company to company but most offers include free equipment and installation. You might need to pay for installation and then later be reimbursed by the provider. You will also generally be required to sign a contract of one to two years. Will you be able to get local channels? Yes you can get local channels with satellite television. You can get the service through your satellite provider for a very small fee or you can hook a separate antenna to the receiver. Will you be able to get different programs on different televisions? Yes, to do this you will need to get a separate receiver for each television. There will be a small extra monthly charge for each receiver you have in your home. Will I be able to get satellite TV in an apartment? Yes, the apartment may charge you an additional deposit for having a dish but they can not prevent you from having satellite TV. Visit the FCC website for further information and laws. You must of course have an apartment with a balcony that faces the south to receive satellite signals. Will bad weather affect satellite TV reception? Heavy rain or snow can cause a brief interruption of the satellite signal. Outages are usually brief and reception will return as soon as the rain or snow lightens. Outages are usually very rare when the satellite has been installed properly. Hopefully your satellite question has been answered in this article. If you have further questions you should contact a local satellite provider. Find free dish network satellite tv at the author s website on satellite television and TV.

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