Saturday, January 19, 2008

How To Easily Download Music To Your PSP

Downloading and playing music mp3s are a trend nowadays. Sony released a great multimedia player which they call the Sony Playstation Portable or PSP. This player is capable of playing mp3s and mp4s, music and video files. A lot of you may be having a really difficult time downloading files to your PSP, when it should just be so easy. Firstly, you ll need to check that what you re downloading onto the PSP are either mp3 or mp4 files. If your files are not yet in that format, you would have to convert your music files and video files to the appropriate format for you to be able to play them on your PSP. A helpful program, the ImTOO PSP Music Suite which includes the ImTOO CD Ripper and ImTOO PSP Video Converter, can be used to download and play music and video files on your PSP. The software also allows you to convert your files into compatible mp3 and mp4 files. 1. MP3 Files -> PSP First off, you d have to connect your computer to your PSP via a USB cable. Your computer should be able to detect that you have a new USB device connected. Check in My Computer and you should have another drive letter listed which corresponds to your PSP. It usually is E: or F:. Open this drive and create a new folder and rename it to PSP. Next, open this PSP folder and create a new folder to be renamed MUSIC. To transfer mp3 files already on your computer, just open that MUSIC folder in the PSP drive and copy paste your desired mp3 files. When you re done copying, you could just remove the USB connection then you re ready to go. 2. CD Songs -> PSP For your music files that would need to be converted, like music files from a cd, just install the CD Ripper onto your computer then load your music CD onto the CD drive. On the CD Ripper program, you ll see an Extract and Encode button, just click on it and it would then convert and transfer the songs from your CD to your PSP. Make sure that you have selected the PSP format. 3. iTunes Music -> PSP If you want to transfer music files from your iTunes to your PSP, you would have to convert these to an mp3 file since iTunes music are stored in mp4 format. Just launch your PSP Video Converter program. Load the mp4 music files that you wish to be converted by clicking on the Add button in the File Menu. Then just select or browse to your audio files. The selected files would then be displayed in the Converter program. Next thing would be to highlight these files and select PSP Audio Format (.mp3) as the output format. The current information and format type of the files will also be displayed on the screen. You would then need to select the folder where you wish to save the converted files, default path is C:/temp. After conversion, you ll get mp3 files which you could then transfer to your PSP. You will just have to follow the same steps discussed above in transferring mp3 files from your computer to PSP. You can also convert video files to the PSP compatible format of mp4 using basically the same steps. Once you ve converted your video files to mp4, you ll also be able to watch them on your PSP. With the advancement in technoloy such as the development of PSP, users are able to enjoy their favorite music and videos in a portable media player. Several programs or software are also available to make the music experience hassle-free. To search for your favorite music, please visit .

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