Saturday, January 19, 2008

Delete Computer History

Deleting your computer history is an important step to protecting your privacy online. Whether its internet history or past documents accessed, it’s often vital that they are cleared regularly. Unfortunately, simply going to Internet Explorer options and deleting the internet history is not enoughâ€"that history still resides on your computer, hidden. Many people aren’t actually aware of that fact and believe that if they do the basics in Windows, they will be covered and their privacy protectedâ€"wrong! To make things even more annoying for us, when we delete files on our computers, others can use file recovery software to recover anything that we’ve deleted. Once again, most people aren’t aware that this is even possible, but unfortunately, it is. For example, if a company wants to delete vital information for good (wipe it out of existence)â€"they don’t simple put it in the ‘Recycle Bin’ on their computer’s desktops. It can be far more complex than that as anything deleted through the recycle bin can in fact be recovered with widely accessible software! I’m not saying that what you get up to with your computer is immoral, illegal or wrong in any way. But most of the time, we simply don’t want everyone to know what information we access using our computers. In reality, we may wish to delete computer history for a host of reasons. For instance, something as innocent as not wanting anyone to know we really like to listen to the Spice Girlsâ€"or something a bit more serious, like protecting vital information for your company! Julian works in ITâ€" click here to find out more about how to delete your computer history properly and in turn protect your privacy

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