Saturday, January 19, 2008

Coogee - A Free Mobile Community With MSN Messenger Support

Do you want to share video, picture or other files with your friends or want to see what others have shared? Do you need to send files to your MSN buddies from your mobile within a short period? Then this free application can be very useful. Coogee v2.0 is the latest version that was produced by Coogee company. With Coogee, You can browse or upload through a large collection of mobile files shared by Coogee members including image, video, animation, text, music, games, etc. You also can easily send those files to your MSN buddies, phone book friends via multiple channels which is bundled with the application, such as email, Bluetooth, SMS and MMS. It has a neat interface which is easy to browse through. When you have successful installed and run up Coogee in your cellphone, it guides you to send file, check incoming file and to find contact list in short time. The whole sending process only lasts few second. During the progress, you still can make phone call, check message at the same time. It saves your more time and money on instant sharing, but brings much more fun to you and your friends. You can restrict the access of your uploaded files. You can allow public to view and comment or can keep it as private. You can even embed the file in your blog or website too which is quite useful. Also you have unlimited space for your uploads. That is really nice. The main features of new Coogee: 1. Free download and use 2. Send mobile files to MSN friends, SMS and email buddies 3. Real time multimedia conversation: mobile to mobile and mobile to PC 4. Unlimited personal file storage 5. Built-in MSN instant messages 6. GPRS connection must be available - data traffic charged by carriers I like Coogee because it offers extra features such as instant uploading, self-created contents from many users that make my online instant messaging experience most enjoyable. A word to the wise: If you have an unlimited data plan, it would be better to use Coogee on your mobile device. Coogee now supports Symbian 60 cellphone. To know more information and to download the new version, please go to and select your phone and model. You also can visit from your mobile brower on

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