Saturday, January 19, 2008

Some General World of Warcraft Tips

I understand you are looking for World of Warcraft tips. Well, this game covers a lot of territory, still I can provide some general tips from my years of experience playing WoW. Hopefully, the tips I offer here will help you excel and advance your own characters to new heights. For starters, let s talk about exploring and leveling in general. A lot of people make huge mistakes in how they go about leveling, finding new places, completing quests, all that good stuff. I d rather not have you make the same mistakes, so listen closely. Always plan ahead. If your goal is to have an enjoyable ride through World of Warcraft, leveling at a steady pace while remaining within the atmosphere of the game, then a plan is essential. A good guide will tell you all of the quests you have to complete and the path you need to follow. If you do not have a guide, you will need to plan out the quests that you need to complete at each level and plot your path. Setting up where and what you are going to do is best, but not always easy, so at least decide on a general path, mapping out the zones you plan to use at specific level ranges. Then, once you hit the target level, just zip on over to the closest questing spot/monsters/new zone and continue at a good rate of travel. Another mistake I have seen people make quite often, (especially newer players,) is to spend too much cash from the oh so important levels of 30 to 40. Why is this a mistake? Well, because you want to have enough money to get a mount at level 40. Contrary to what you might think, a mount is one of the most valuable items in the entire game for speeding up your leveling. Mounts allow you to do many things rapidly that previously wasted your time and patience, such as hitting the farther out locations (like Badlands for Horde characters.) Another thing you should always do is prepare a profession in advance. If you have a higher level character already, just loan some money and materials to your lower level character, and make sure to keep your character at a good skill range comparable to your level. Letting professions rot is a pointless thing, something that often comes back to bite you in later levels. Another thing to do is grab first aid at around level five or six. Always keep this skill at the maximum skill level you can possibly achieve. Bandages are a life saver in so many situations, whether it be mid-battle or for speeding up your recovery time. Finally, and sometimes most importantly, make contacts as you level up. It s amazing how many friends and helpful buddies you can meet while advancing a character to the higher levels. Often friends can get you into guilds, get you discounts on items, and maybe just join up with you to do the occasional quest or dungeon. Good luck with your adventures in The World of Warcraft! Are you having trouble plotting your path to level 70? A well-written guide by an experienced player may be just what you need to make your leveling efficient and enjoyable. Come and see Dante s favorite leveling guides at Dante Valentino has been playing WoW since it first launched and now has multiple level 70 characters.

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