Saturday, January 19, 2008

Why you Should Avoid Windows Vista Like the Plague (at Least for Now) Part 3

Why you Should Avoid Windows Vista Like the Plague (at Least for Now) Part 3 I ve been talking in the first two parts of this series of three article about reasons you want to avoid getting the new Windows Vista. I called it a real turkey, and gave you two good reasons you shouldn t use it. In this last in this series of articles, I m going to give you a third reason that I don t think you should bother getting Vista, at least for a while. Reason #3: All the new features are old features stolen from Mac OS X, and not very well. Microsoft has a history of stealing ideas and presenting them as their own -- all of the basic ideas behind Windows (having information displayed in one or more windows, having a desktop, having a recycle bin or trash can, using a mouse, etc.) were directly taken from the Mac after Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (the co-founders of Apple) invited Bill Gates over to show off their new type of computer. Bill took notes and ran back to Microsoft to copy it, and he s been doing it ever since. The new version of Windows -- Windows Vista -- was supposed to come out years ago, but it got delayed and delayed, and finally was released around the beginning of 2007. Back in 2004, Apple announced the then-new version of Mac OS X, OS 10.4 or Tiger (the X in Mac OS X is a Roman numeral 10, not a letter X by the way) at their developers conference. Early in 2007, some internal emails were leaked from inside Microsoft that revealed that when one high-up employee from Microsoft was at the 2004 Apple Developers Conference, he was taking notes (just like Bill did all those years ago) and he confessed Microsoft had to take a lot of features of OS X from Apple to put into Vista. He was also worried they wouldn t be able to do those features as well. When Vista finally came out (two and a half years later) I remember watching the promotional video that showed off all of the supposedly new features of Vista. Every single one was clearly a knock-off of features in the 2004 version of Mac OS X, and in my opinion, not very good knock-offs. In fact, the Microsoft employee who wrote those leaked emails is on record saying that he d use a Mac himself if he didn t work for Microsoft. So why pay for recycled new features when they won t really do that much to improve your computer (and as I mentioned in an earlier email, are likely to slow it down) -- it doesn t make a lot of sense to me. I won t deny that I like Macs better than PCs too -- and unlike a lot of people who are big supporters of one and bash the other, I am very familiar with both types of computer, and realize that neither type is perfect -- and I honestly think that 99% of the time, you re better off using a Mac than a Windows PC. So if you re going to get a new computer, which you re better off doing if you re getting Vista, why not get the real deal instead of the pale imitation? Just my opinion. Worth Godwin is a computer coach with a dozen years experience helping computer users of all levels, and has also worked for many years in the trenches as a hardware and software tech, solving real-world computer problems. Worth has also been studying the human mind, and how people learn, since the early 1990s. He draws upon all of this, and his English and writing degrees, to teach people in a unique way with explanations that really make sense. In 2006, Worth began putting his easy lessons together as audio and video lessons on CD, for both Windows and Mac. Designed to make it easy to learn at your own pace, for an affordable price. These lessons let you see each click of the mouse and every step of the lesson, while you hear Worth s clear explanations. Everything comes with a full 1-year no-hassle money back guarantee. More information, testimonials from happy clients, and the free report 5 Common and Costly Computer Mistakes and How to Avoid Making Them Yourself are available at

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