Saturday, January 19, 2008

Where To Download Free Sony Psp Games

So you want to download free Sony PSP games, huh? Well, you can! You should have a memory stick to save the free games in. In time, you may want to purchase a memory stick with a higher capacity--the Memory Stick Pro Duo card. This is because you want to bring most of your favorite games with you on the road. Your game collection will grow, trust me, since you can download free Sony PSP games after you read this article. So let s get it on. Now that the memory stick issue is out of the way, you will need to find on the Internet websites that allow you to download free Sony PSP games. Go online and use your favorite search engine. Type the search words, download free Sony PSP games, and you will get a lot of links. Now comes the harder part: separating the good from the bad and the ugly. You will encounter three kinds of download sites. The most common one is the one with where you ca download free Sony PSP games--these websites have a lot of pop up ads and banner ads. Although you can click and download games immediately, the speed leaves a lot to be desired. It can take you anywhere from an hour to a day waiting for the download to finish. By the time it finishes, you will have the game plus a lot of spyware and adware. The good thing though is that you paid no cash. The second one is the not-free-one-at-all. It is also annoying. It claims to be free but when you click to download free Sony PSP games, you are led to a membership page along with a joining fee sign up form and an explanation that after you pay to join, you still need to pay a monthly fee. The good thing is that the downloads are faster and you won t have any spyware or adware in your PC after the download. You just shell out money, and then shell out more every month. The third one is the best, a combination, or a compromise between the first one (where you shell out no cash, get spyware, and endure slow downloads) and the second one (where you get fast downloads, no spyware, and shell out cash upon joining and more for every month). The third kind is the type that asks you to pay for a one-time joining fee, and then afterwards no more monthly or hidden fees. You enjoy unlimited downloads, not only can you download free Sony PSP games, but also wallpapers, tutorials, homebrew programs, and more. That s it. Now you know how to download free Sony PSP games. More information on this topic is available, just click PSP GAME

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