Saturday, January 19, 2008

How to Watch Satellite TV Through a Broadband Connection

People are interested to know how to watch satellite TV through a broadband connection. It is not hard to understand that. For the past decade, people have been paying the satellite TV services monthly fees to access the TV programs using their network and satellite dish systems. Even though the sizes of satellite dishes have shrunk over the years, installation still cannot be done away with. Homes continue to look like little satellite TV stations. TV bills continue to pile up as people tune in to more pay-per-view programs. There has to be a one-stop solution to this, that is, to watch satellite TV through a broadband connection. How do you watch satellite TV through a broadband connection then? There are two ways to do it without using any satellite dish. You can either use a PCTV card or PC satellite TV software. If you compare the two, PCTV card is the older way of wiring your computer to TV so that you can watch satellite TV through a broadband connection. Essentially, the PCTV card is hardware equipment like your modem. It comes in two different forms â€" it can be an external device that is plug-and-play or an internal device that requires installation onto your computer. For obvious reasons, people prefer to buy the external version due to the ease of use. Plug it into your USB port and that’s about it. You can start to watch satellite TV through a broadband connection. But external cards are pricier than internal cards. A decent quality PCTV card can range from $200 to $400 onwards depending on the features. With the card, you get to enjoy a few hundred TV channels for free. The kind of channels would include lifestyle channels such as shopping, sports news and LIVE games, TV shows like Prison Break, movies, kids’ programs and others. All in all, it is a nice tool to use to watch satellite TV through a broadband connection from home. Ok, enough said. We will now look at the new toy in satellite TV technology, PC satellite TV software. This nifty software is used to enable you to watch satellite TV through a broadband connection without any hardware at all. To put it simply, by downloading the software and installing it onto your PC, your PC is transformed instantly into a satellite TV. Once the software is installed, you get more than 2000 to 3000 channels delivered to your computer. And these TV channels are broadcast from international TV stations which mean to say that you can watch practically any program in the world. The kind of programs is similar to using a PCTV card except that the selection is much wider with international coverage. And it is also way more affordable then a PCTV card as it is priced at a small fraction of the price. One big advantage is its mobility. With a PCTV card, you are limited to watch satellite TV through a broadband connection only at home. However, using PC satellite TV software, you can practically watch any program as you wish as long as you can find an internet connection for your computer. How powerful can that be? Discover more about this breakthrough technology and learn how you too can own it and start watching satellite TV through a broadband connection for free when you sign up for my free satellite TV guide. Davion is a great fan of TV shows. Sign up for his Free Satellite TV Guide for instant quick tips on how to watch satellite TV on PC, tuning into hundreds of LIVE channels of sports, news, movies and kids program without monthly subscriptions. Also read his popular PC satellite TV Review .

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