Saturday, January 19, 2008

Brian Kopp s Alliance Leveling Guide - Level to 70 Fast in World of Warcraft

Brian Kopp s Alliance Leveling Guide - Level to 70 Fast in World of Warcraft You’re probably already somewhat familiar with Brian Kopp’s Alliance Guide or, at the very least, you ve heard of it. After all, it’s one of the most well known leveling guides on the market, and for good reason. It works. Not only does it work, but since Brian’s strategy for getting to 70 is all about questing instead of grinding, you will have a lot more fun playing World of Warcraft by following his game plan. If you are a solo player who doesn’t spend a lot of time grouping up with other players for raiding, then you’ll also get a great deal out of Brian’s guide because it is essentially designed for solo speed runs . Brian Kopp s Alliance leveling guide is packed with the kind of information that you need to get to Level 70 as quickly as possible. Once you’re there, that’s when you really start banking lots of gold and, of course, the End Game is actually a lot more interesting than the leveling game in Warcraft. The most challenging dungeons can’t be entered until you’ve hit the magical 70th level. Fully updated for the Burning Crusade expansion, Kopp’s guide provides detailed step-by-step instructions from Level 1 to 70. The starting zones for each Alliance class are covered and then it takes you all the way into the Outlands, with instructions on which quests to complete when, quests to skip and tips on when groups of quests can be completed together. So whether you are playing a Human, a Draenei, a Dwarf, Gnome or Night Elf, you‘ll be able to implement Brian Kopp‘s game strategies perfectly. In addition, the Alliance Guide includes a bonus map mod, called MetaMap, that uncovers the entire game map and lets you import all of the waypoints and coordinates from Brian’s guide for every quest that you need to complete. This is a huge timesaver and definitely one of the major selling points for Kopp’s guide. You don’t need to spend anytime trying to figure out where you need to be next because MetaMap opens up your in-game map for you. You can even add your own notes to the mod with a simple left-click. So, if you’re ready to get a lot more out of your time playing World of Warcraft, maybe it’s time to discover just what the big deal is about Brian Kopp s Leveling Guide for yourself. Are you ready to take advantage of all that you can do to level your character fast in World of Warcraft? Get your own copy of Brian Kopp s Alliance Leveling Guide and see for yourself just how much it changes your gameplay. Emma Martin’s an avid gamer who reviews World of Warcraft strategy guides. For more WoW leveling guide reviews, check out her site at:

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